Photos takes have natural colors but are a bit hazy with a

Keep discussions civil and respectful. Know your reddiquette!. The backcover is missing some pieces at the edges, and it reboots for no reason once in a while, but besides that, it is perfectly fine. The first read: have been warned, the police are now involved, I have the address of your family and yours. Now if you value your life get rid of the police. Drop the charges, remember I know where you live.

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In the UK, GSN as part of Safety Cases have proven to be useful for providing objective safety evidence.[citation needed] A Safety Case is an ideal way to reflect the MBSE model, software use cases, safety architecture, safety critical functional behavior, safe states, and sequencing in the safety domain. Functional behavior is often better understood, expressed and defended when graphically displayed every step of the way in MBSE vs. Traditional development with enormous paperwork that is very difficult to correlate into an effective Safety Case..

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